Shannon Kay (speakingsoul) wrote in theshimmer,
Shannon Kay

Promo Contest Results!

 The Promo Contest has come to a close. Thank you for everyone who participated.

First of all, I have participation gifts for amour_douxxapril_purrfairytale, and devilish.

Final Counts
amour_douxx  - 9
fairytale  - 8
april_purr  - 5
devilish  - 3

First Place goes to amour_douxx  who will receive the first permanent spot on my Loved List(which hasn't officially launched yet!) as well as any five custom graphics of her choice.

Runner Up fairytale  will receive 3 months on my Loved List, plus 3 custom graphics of her choice.

Thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who joined the community! Prize winners, please comment here or email me at shannonkay AT gmail dot com for your custom graphics.
Tags: !contest, !modpost, !promo
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